The art dream ....


My name is Kayla Salisbury and I am obsessed with the idea that my passion and love for people paired with my art will be able to contribute to the healing and change of this country. A dream would be for a little black girl in some urban area, would  see amazing illustrated publications, a hit cartoon, apparel and toys that featured my art and designs that resembled her. I want her to be inspired when she sees the joy of community building and art and she begins to create her own path and dream of the limitless possibilities she can achieve herself. I want this representation to instill a sense of pride and ‘Queendom” and for this little one to feel powerful and untouchable. I want there to be a young teenager to find infographics illustrated by me that spread awareness about social and community issues and they take it upon themselves to educate and share the work with their diverse family and friends. I want said informative pieces to educate the masses. I want my work to provoke stimulating and uncomfortable conversations about inclusion, race, assault, misogyny and microaggressions and systematic oppression amongst groups and dinner tables of all ethnicities. I want my work to spark one united consensus of self reflection, inner submission, acknowledgment, empathy, compassion and evolution of heart, mind and soul across onlookers. I want to shed light on social faux pas and taboo subjects that hurt and damage but nevertheless happen in every household to normalize discussions about pain and push for open communication and growth. I want to call out how we interact with one another and how we love and motivate the urge to change and heal together. I would be happy if my art, long after I am gone, really did make an impact on how People of Color viewed themselves, felt, were treated and responded to and actually did heal and change hearts.



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Los Angeles, Ca