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Art Center College of Design

2014 – 2017

Bachelors of Fine Art - Illustration Design major / Social Impact Design Matters minor

Work Experience (past - most recent)

Graphic Design - FoodHub – hired as a consultant to the Design Matters Client based project focusing on Inner City Food Deserts.

Sam Holtzman- Microaggressions & Diversity training project – hired as a student representative and data analysis

ACCD- Diversity Council Student Representative

Lydia Thompson - “Dialogue on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” Student Representative on a faculty panel - Sp 2017

Assistant to Illustrators Rob Clayton and Aaron Smith for a class called Pop Up Berlin which was a study abroad to Berlin, Germany Summer 2017

Assistant to Illustrator Esther Watson and Fine Artist Kenyatta Hinkle Portraits Reconsidered class, Fall 2017

Curated “Back to Black” Group Show at Avenue 50 Studio, Feb 2018

Administrative Assistant for NAACP Hollywood Bureau Mar 2018 - Dec 2018

7th grade Science Teacher at KIPP Philosophers Academy in South Central - Dec 2018 July 2019

Mural Painting / Art Summer Program at Century Community Charter School in Inglewood, Ca July - Aug 2019

Creative Director & Writer at


Lead Art Teacher at Century Community Charter School in Inglewood, Ca



Gallery Shows


Art Center Gallery 2014 Fall


Beyond the Lines Group Art show, Nov 2015


Bananas Live Art and Painting Leimert Park, Los Angeles, Ca March 2016

Raw Art Show Glendale, Ca May 2016

Art Center Gallery 2016 Fall

Undressed Group Art show in Bikini Berlin, Berlin, Germany Nov 2016


“Berlin & Cuba in Pasadena” ACCD group art show in Pasadena, Ca Jan 2017

Cultural Representation Art show at Redland University May 2017

Curated and Organized - “Afromation” Community Family event in Inglewood, Ca July 2017

Collab Pop Up Show at Galerie Grunewaldstraße in Berlin, Germany Summer 2017

AntiRacist Classroom Poster Exhibition, Pasadena, Ca November 2017


Head Curator of the first African American Artist Group show at Avenue 50 Studio, Pasadena , "Back to Black" February 23 - March 3

Commissioned to create the first ever Illustrated poster for the California Democratic Party, Which was then showcased at the 2018 California Democratic Convention in San Diego February 2018

 Instructed an Activist Poster Design workshop for #MARCHFOROURLIVES with Artivists LA - March 22, 2018

Afrohaus Group Art show March 2018

Illustrator for Issue 9-12 for the Online Weekly Newsletter/Blog “Camel”

Featured Visual artists for Camel Assembly’s International Womens Day event #ActiveActivist group show at Reach Me Tv Studio, La - March 2018

Commissioned to create a May 1st International Workers Day poster for UDW in San Diego May 2018

Artist in the group art show “Water Vol 1” at Hitman Coffeeshop June 2018

Featured Artist & Visual Artist Curator for the group art show “City Love” Music and Art Showcase at Hitman Coffeeshop August 2018

Represent Art show at The Armorary Arts in Pasadena, Ca, December 2018

- Murals -

Six commissioned classroom murals at Century Community Charter school Summer 2016

1/6 Competition winner, Commissioned Aquarium of the Pacific Long Beach 6x9ft Canvas on location for two years,  August 2017

Assistant on a "Diversity Doing" mural at The Rose Room, Venice Beach, August 2017

 Hitman Coffeeshop Linework Mural June 2018

Hired Commissions for the Union of the Domestic Workers Office Building - 3 Wall Murals in Riverside, Ca May 2019

School Spirit Mural at Century Community Charter School, Inglewood, Ca

July 2019


Op-Ed Piece in the Art Center Blog Sp 2016

Creative Quarterly Illustration Magazine Sp 2016

“One of a King Dual Exhibit Brings Cuba and berlin to Pasadena” by Brandon Villalovos – Pasadena Now blog, Dec 2016

“Anti-Trump protesters in Berlin speak out against racism, misogyny and homophobia” – Siegessä – Das Queere Onlinemagazin Aus Berlin by Mary Katharine Tramontana – Nov,16

In Pursuit of Racial Equity in Arts Education - Exploring Microaggressions in Dialogue with Provocative Posters by Lauren Williams

Editorial Illustrator for Issue 9-12 for the Online Weekly Newsletter/Blog “Camel”

VoyageLA Illustration Spotlight

July 2019

Creative Director & Writer at

Mental Health Article written by Me

July 2019

Creative Director & Writer at

Travel Article written by Me

July 2019


Study Abroad

Test Lab: Socialtecture Study Abroad in Berlin, Germany Fa 2016

Pop Up Berlin Study Abroad Department / Gallery / Teacher Assistant in Berlin, Germany Summer 2017 




Coyne Family Foundation 9xs

Art Center Scholarship 9xs


George Mayer Foundation

Diversity Stipend Award

Dec 2017

Student Leadership Award at Graduation